Houseboats are a traditional and fun way to experience the beauty of the Murray River - for holiday makers and locals alike.
Houseboats can be moored for up to 96 hours along the Renmark Riverfront mooring sites - allowing equality of access for all.
Council provides permanent mooring facilities in 2 locations, Lock 5 Marina and Jane Eliza Marina.

How can I get a houseboat mooring?

People wishing to moor houseboats in Council designated areas must obtain a Council Mooring Permit, you can apply for one by completing the Houseboat Mooring Application
This will put you on the waiting list for when a site becomes available.
If you purchase a houseboat from someone who has a mooring already you will need to apply to transfer the permit, this can be done by filling out the Mooring Permit Transfer section in the Application for Houseboat Mooring.

Please be aware that each Mooring Permit Holder has to abide by the conditions of a Mooring Permit.

Houseboat Management

As a commitment to supporting a vibrant and sustainable houseboat industry, Council developed a Houseboat Management Plan to provide strategic direction and management actions for the following key mooring areas:

  • Lock 5
  • Renmark Riverfront
  • Jane Eliza
  • Ral Ral Creek
  • Liba Liba Moorings
  • Customs House

This Plan was developed in consultation with key stakeholders to address issues and concerns relating to houseboat management. An important outcome of the consultation was the need for a new, well designed and structured off-river houseboat marina that would add significant value to the local houseboat hiring industry.

The new Jane Eliza Development Masterplan incorporates a high-quality mixed-use marina precinct, with both commercial and recreational uses. Learn more about the Jane Eliza Development project and marina here.

A copy of the Houseboat Management Plan can be found here.

If you would like to speak to an Officer about the plan further, please direct your queries to Council's Economic Development Officer or email


Berri Slipway (operated by SA Water)

Ph: 08 7424 2488