Waste & Recycling

Kerbside Bins and Collection Information

As a resident of the Renmark Paringa Council, you can access a wide range of services for reusing, recycling or disposing of unwanted household items and materials.

Three Bin System

The three bin system, allows for residents to use a weekly general waste collection (red) and fortnightly recycling (yellow) and green waste collections (green) (alternating weeks for recycling and green waste).

When is my bin collection day?

You can download a copy of our Waste Collection Calendar 2021 along with the map to determine your collection day.
Copies of the Waste Collection Calendar are available at the Civic Centre.
Bin pickups on Christmas Day and New Years Day will be collected one day later.

What can I put in each bin?

Please refer to the following flyer Which bin does it go in? or download the Recycle Smart App today.

Where can I take items that don’t go in my bin?
Renmark Paringa residents have the ability to take items that you can’t put in a bin to the Renmark Waste Transfer Station. Click here to find out more.
Below are other items that can’t go in your bin, however the correct disposal locations are listed.

Where can I dispose?

Mobile Phones

Through the Mobile Muster Program, you can dispose of your old mobile phones at the Civic Centre, 61 Eighteenth Street Renmark

Small Household Batteries

Residents are welcome to drop off small household batteries (used in torches and other small items) at the Council office on Eighteenth Street, Renmark.

Light Globes

Light globes can be dropped off at the checkout counter of the Renmark Mitre 10 store. They will take:
*           Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs)
*           Fluorescent tubes
*           Incandescent globes
*           Halogen lamps, tubes and bulbs.

How do I replace a missing bin?´╗┐

Download the Replacement Bin form. Once the form has been received, approved and paid for, bins will be replaced.

Missed bin collection and damaged bins´╗┐

If your bin was not emptied please contact the Riverland Resource Recovery Facility, Ph 8582 2601If your bin is damaged and in need of repair or replacement please contact the Council Office, Ph 8580 3000.