Renmark Paringa Council has cemeteries in the towns of Renmark, Paringa and Lyrup that it manages and has care and control of.

Burial options for loved ones vary as Council offer single and double depth burial plots.

Interment of cremated remains (ashes) is also available in either of Council's Memorial Gardens or Niche Walls.

Renmark General and Lawn Cemeteries are located at 267 Arumpo Street, Renmark and the Old Renmark Cemetery, the Niche Wall, the Rotary Memorial Garden and Lions Memorial Garden are located opposite at 53 Cucumunga Street, Renmark

Renmark Cemetery has lawn, memorial garden and niche wall sites available.

Paringa Cemetery located at 201 Murtho Road, Murtho has old (traditional), lawn, memorial garden and niche wall sites available.

Lyrup Cemetery is located at 129 Weaver Road, Lyrup and has old (traditional) and niche wall sites available.

Council's Cemetery Officer is available to assist families in selecting the final resting place for their loved ones.

For burial fees refer to the fees and charges register

Council also has burial records for each of the above cemeteries.

You can search for a deceased person via the Cemeteries Search Form below.