Message from the Mayor and the CEO


Message from the Mayor

The Renmark Paringa Council was proclaimed on 1 July 1996 as a result of the amalgamation of the former Corporation of the Town of Renmark and the District Council of Paringa.The river is the life blood of our community. We need to protect it, ensure it remains healthy while balancing the need to progress a vibrant economy through the sustainable use of the earth.Council has recently refreshed its brand to recognise the importance of the earth and the river to the prosperity of our community. The red ochre colour was chosen to represent the rich, fertile red earth of our region whilst the blue represents the meandering river that flows through it.The Renmark Paringa Council has long been recognised for its innovative thinking, diverse community and open space, which provides for a great place to live, and the perfect place to visit.In 1997 we were the first Council in South Australia to reuse wastewater showing our commitment to the environment and finding alternative water sources. We continue to take great pride in the way we present our open space, parks and recreation areas.In our community we have approximately 10,000 people coming from 54 different nationalities.  We are proud of our many cultures and our community spirit.On behalf of the Elected Members, we are honoured to represent the residents of Renmark Paringa and I invite you to experience all that our unique setting has to offer.

Message from the CEO

Renmark Paringa Council is committed to a sustainable future which will be achieved through innovation, engagement and sustainably growing the community and business.
Renmark Paringa Council will realise this vision by:
  • Planning the future growth of business and ongoing sustainability and vibrancy of the community
  • Building the capacity and capability of the community and key stakeholders to address personal and public community issues
  • Providing positive leadership and governance
  • Providing the community with a voice to achieve desired outcomes
  • Maintaining community infrastructure and assets for the benefit of the broader community
  • Keeping the community informed and openly and proactively engaging with the community in order to formulate future directions or improve services
  • Working in partnership with others to achieve common goals, deliver projects or provide community services
  • Exercising its power in response to legislation
  • Funding or supporting services, projects or initiatives on behalf of the community and
  • Fostering community connections and encouraging active participation in community life.

I am proud to lead Renmark Paringa Council staff in support of our Elected Members who aim to ensure that we continue to grow as a vibrant, diverse and efficient region.