Emergency Management

It is important that the Community listen to validated information during times of emergencies.

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The red button above will take you to information from the State Government to help you prepare and stay safe.

The Renmark Paringa Council has close working partnerships with Emergency Services and is a participating member of the Murray Mallee Zone Emergency Management Committee. Please see below link to the Murray and Mallee Zone Plan.

Murray and Mallee Zone - Key Hazards & Risks Summary Emergency Management Plan - August 2018

Emergencies can occur at any time and with little warning, can rapidly spread over designated boundaries and cause diverse and widespread impacts across affected communities. The Renmark Paringa Council area has experienced emergencies in the past and anticipates new threats will emerge in response to changing social, environmental and economic conditions of the future. In particular, projected impacts of climate change may increase the impact of extreme weather events, bushfires and high-water events to the region.

Councils can help to minimise these threats and contribute to the safety and wellbeing of their communities by participating in local emergency management.

The State Emergency Management Plan (SEMP) articulates the roles and responsibilities that Local Government may play in local emergency management planning. As well as the legislative and administrative roles under the SEMP, the Local Government Emergency Management Framework (LGEMF) 2019 sets out roles for councils in the areas of disaster risk reduction, incident operations and recovery.

This Emergency Management Plan is an implementation document that exists to translate Renmark Paringa Councils’ emergency management priorities into clearly defined actions with responsibility and resources allocated to disaster risk reduction, incident operations and recovery.  Download the plan here (please link to EMP document)

This document forms part of our commitment to emergency management and ensures that we have a coordinated and planned approach to managing the consequences of emergencies on communities.

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