Mandatory Notifications

Building Inspections

The Development Act requires people to notify Council at certain stages during building work including:

  • The commencement of building work;
  • The placement of concrete into any footing excavation; or the placement of stumps a bearers;
  • The intended completion of the wall and roof frame (excluding external linings);
  • After installation of wet area flashings and linings prior to tiling;
  • The completion of building work prior to occupation;
  • The placing of water into a swimming pool/spa;
  • The completion of construction of a child safety barrier (fence) in association with a swimming pool/spa.

The notification of stages of building work requires one business day's notice.

If construction commences and Council has not received the mandatory notifications, Council is empowered to stop building work while the matter is rectified and could also issue fines or other orders as warranted against the person responsible for the work.

How can I notify Council?

Notification during building work may be provided to Council by:

In person:      Complete a building inspection form at the Council Office

Fax:                 8580 3030

Phone:            8580 3000


Online:           Lodge online

Wastewater System Inspections

A person who is installing/altering a wastewater system must, when a mandatory notification stage is reached:-

  • Notify Council in a manner determined by the relevant authority (ie minimum 25 hours notice set out in the approval) and;
  • Stop work pending an inspection by an authorised officer.

The mandatory notification stages are:

  • Installation of underfloor plumbing;
  • Installation of external tank and drains

It is the responsibility of the plumber installing the work to ensure there is a valid approval for the job.

If the works are not completed and ready for inspection a the time the inspection is requested, an additional inspection fee may be required.

How can I notify Council?

Notification during wastewater system works may be provided to Council by:

In person: At the Council Office, 61 Eighteenth Street, Renmark

Phone: 8580 3000

Fax: 8580 3030