Swimming Pools/Spas

What requires approval?

A swimming pool requires Council approval if:

  • the depth of the pool exceeds 300mm;
  • in regards to an above ground or inflatable pool, it incorporates a filtration system.

A spa pool requires Council approval if:

  • the capacity exceeds 680 litres.


All new swimming pools must have a safety barrier (fencing or other similar barriers to entry) that meet Australian Standards.

Generally, all fences, gates, retaining walls and other such barriers must comply with AS1926.1. The Australian Standard covers the requirements for:

  • the location of pool fences/barriers, their materials of construction and effective height;
  • windows that open into a pool area; and
  • self-closing mechanisms and latches for gates.

Existing swimming pools and spas must be fenced in accordance with the requirements that were in force at the time they were approved.

Other structures associated with your pool or spa, such as a deck, shade house, etc. is also likely to require Council approval.

The above information is advisory only. It is intended to provide a guide and a general understanding of the key points associated with the particular topic.

Prior to purchasing or installing a swimming pool please contact Council for further information and/or refer to the Is Your Swimming Pool Kid Safe?brochure.

Safety requirementsat point of sale

If you are placing your property up for sale and it contains a swimming pool, you will need to ensure that your swimming safety barriers are adequate prior to settlement of the property. This may require upgrades to your swimming pool safety barrier. The level of upgrades required depend on when your pool was approved.

For example, swimming pools approved prior to 1 July 1993 must be upgraded to meet current fencing standards.  Other pools may only need to meet the standards that were in force when they were approved. To find out when your swimming pool was approved please contact Council.