Council rates are due quarterly in September, December, March and June of each year and are payable in four approximately equal instalments.  You may elect to pay any instalment in advance.

Our Rates and Service Charges

Council is focused on maintaining a sustainable position while being conscious of cost pressures that the area is facing, and in particular the effects these are having on residents and businesses.

In 2020/21 the Council’s forecasted average residential rates for the average Capital Value of $242,259 is as follows;
2020/21 RPC Residential Average            $1,441
2019/20 RPC Residential Average            $1,752
2020/21 RPC average dollar value of rate increase for residential properties $71
2020/21 RPC average percentage rate increase for residential properties      2.4%
2020/21 the following rates will apply for varying land use types:
Land Use                            Cents in the Dollar
Commercial (Shops)0.5150
Commercial (Office)0.5150
Commercial (Other)05150
Industrial (Light)0.5150
Industrial (Other)0.5150
Primary Production0.3632
Vacant Land0.8005

The adopted average rate increase ensures that the Renmark Paringa Council remains as one of the lowest rating Councils in South Australia.

Fixed Charge

Council imposes a fixed charge against individual allotments (subject to the property being eligible to be adjoined or classified as a Single Farm Enterprise). The fixed charge for 2020/21 is set at $400.

Separate Rates

Council collects the South Australian Regional Landscape levy on behalf of the State Government. In 2020/21 the amount Council is required to collect is $346,146. The Council Service Charges for 2020/21 will be:

Community Wastewater Management Scheme (CWMS)

Council imposes a CWMS service charge on all properties connected to the Renmark and Paringa schemes. In 2020/21 the CWMS charge is $455 per unit. The revenue generated is used to fund the operations of the wastewater schemes, renewal of existing infrastructure and expansion of the system.

Waste Management Charge

Council differentiates between Town and Rural Waste collection which are used to fund activities relating to the collection and disposal of waste.

Solid Waste Levy Impact

The Solid Waste Levy is a tax paid to the State Government by councils, industry and households on the waste that goes to landfill – including your household rubbish collected by council.

The following waste management charges will apply for the 2020/21 financial year:

General Waste (Red Bin) Town and Rural – $155
Recyclables (Yellow Bin) Town and Rural – $75
Green Waste (Green Bin) Town – $64