Urban Design Framework

About the Project

The Urban Design Framework (UDF) was commissioned by Council in 2016. It was developed on the basis of a comprehensive community engagement process culminating in the UDF being adopted by Council in June 2017.
The UDF establishes an overarching vision for Renmark’s town centre and nearby areas. It is designed to help facilitate high-quality, innovative and sustainable urban design, and to address future challenges while enhancing the community’s quality of life and economic prosperity.
Aside from creating a vibrant pace for people to congregate, the UDF will deliver tangible economic and social benefits to the region.

The Vision

Make Renmark the place to relax and enjoy the Riverland lifestyle, bringing life and activity to the town centre, and reviving its economy through a series of transformative projects.
The vision will be achieved through the implementation of 7 Key Moves that will also trigger longer term change.

The Key Moves

Key Move 1:    Renmark Riverfront Masterplan

Prepare and implement a Renmark Riverfront Masterplan to activate the water’s edge and surrounding precinct.

Key Move 2:    Improve Renmark/Ral Ral/Murray Avenues intersection

Modify the major intersection at Renmark/Ral Ral/Murray Avenues with a special focus on improving pedestrian and cyclist movements. To be done in parallel to the reduction on B-Double traffic through the intersection.

Key Move 3:    Wayfinding Strategies

Better wayfinding infrastructure to help visitors arriving in Renmark, to improve access to off-street car parking and to make it easier and more enjoyable to walk around Renmark including storytelling about Renmark’s past, present and future.

Key Move 4:    Curate Town Centre Retail and Visitor Services

Work with businesses and landowners to reduce vacancies and ensure a mix of attractive and successful shops and businesses.

Key Move 5:    At the edge – an activating public art strategy

Building upon a public art theme of ‘At The Edge’, introduce public art elements to support visitation, events and tourism marketing.

Key Move 6:    Improve Important Streetscapes

Streetscape improvements to important town centre streets and arrival streets like Renmark Avenue

Key Move 7:    Land Use Flexibility

Encourage more housing and mixed use development in the town centre through zoning changes and other measures.

Implementation & Funding

The implementation of the UDF will be undertaken in a staged manner as reflected in Council’s Infrastructure and Asset Management Plan (IAMP).


Council will endeavour to source as much external funding as possible to fund the UDF.
A copy of the Urban Design Framework can be found here.
The implementation of the UDF has commenced with Stage 1A.

Stage 1A

In 2018/19 Council allocated $3,884,000 to complete Stage 1A of the UDF and has been successful in obtaining $548,000 of external funding through the State Government Places for People Program and $1,394,000 of external funding through the Federal Governments Building Better Regions Fund (BBRF).

For more information relating to Stage 1A, now know as the Taylor Riverfront Precinct, please visit the project page or alternatively click here