Flood Clean-up and Recovery Support

Flood Recovery Waste Disposal Information

Green industries SA have opened their free disposal vouchers program available now to property owners in the flood impacted regions which includes Renmark Paringa Council area. Waste is to be disposed at the Berri Barmera: Riverland Resource Recovery Facility, 92 Hoskin Road, Berri

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8 am to 4pm, Saturday 8 am to 12 pm

Below is a link to FAQ’s to assist you in understanding how the vouchers work and who is eligible:

Free Vouchers FAQ

List of transfer stations

If you need assistance from the Berri Flood Relief Centre, please call 1800 302 787

Opening Times:

Mon/Wed/Fri – 9am to 5pm

Tue/Thur – 10am to 6pm

Key points:

  • Free, but you MUST have a client ID (call the hotline on 1800 302 787 to register or to confirm your ID) no client ID, no voucher, no access.
  • You can take your first load to any of the participating transfer stations without a voucher, and quote your client ID. They will cross off one of the five vouchers and give you back another four for future visits.
  • No asbestos.
  • Only flood-affected, water damaged materials are accepted.

Rate Relief for Flood Effected Rate Payers

On 24 January 2023 Council endorsed amendments to the Rates Hardship Policy to include provisions for flood affected properties. The specific flood provisions within the Rates Hardship Policy allow ratepayers in specific and defined circumstances to apply for a rate remission of twelve (12) or six (6) months.

In order to apply for a rate remission under these provisions you must meet the eligibility criteria and submit the relevant application form to Council by no later than COB 30 June 2023.

Application to remit rates due to flooding - Residential Properties

Application to remit rates due to flooding - Primary Production Commercial and Industrial Properties