Registering your Dog

How Do I Register My Dog?

The Dogs and Cats Online system is a one-stop online service for all registration payments, microchipping and breeder information. Dogs and Cats Online has replaced the 68 individual council dog and cat registers and serves as a single online database that is accessible 24/7, including on mobile devices.

Dogs and Cats Online has been developed to allow pet owners to instantly update registration or microchip details if you move house or change phone numbers, and pay your annual council registration fees.

Dogs and Cats Online will also assist councils, shelters and the general public in reuniting lost pets with their owners.

To use the Dogs and Cats Online system, go to, click ‘Renew Registration’ and enter the renewal code and your surname as provided on the front of your Registration Renewal notice.

For more information on Dogs and Cats Online, please visit Dogs and Cats Online

Why Do I Need To Register My Dog?

To keep all of our dogs safe, it is required by law to register each dog with Council. Registering your dog and attaching their registration disc to their collar also ensures that we can make every effort to try and contact you if we have found them wandering. When registering your dog, it is important to remember:

  • Dogs must be registered within 14 days of being on a property or when they reach 3 months of age.
  • Registrations are renewed between July – 31 August every year.
  • Owners who do not renew dog registrations will face a determined late fee after August 31.

Legislative changes commencing 1 July 2017 introduce new names for classes of registration.

A standard dog is a dog that has been both desexed and microchipped.

A non-standard dog is any other dog apart from Assistance dogs, Working livestock dogs and dogs belonging to registered breeders, etc.