Regional Assessment Panel

The Minister for Planning has formed the Riverland Regional Assessment Panel, incorporating the areas of Renmark Paringa Council, the Berri Barmera Council and the District Council of Loxton Waikerie, pursuant to the Planning Development and Infrastructure Act 2016. The Regional Assessment Panel commenced operations on 1 October 2017.

The following people have been appointed as members of the Regional Assessment Panel by the Minister:

Independent Presiding Member

  • Mr Bruce Ballantyne

Independent Members:

  • Mr Jake McVicar
    Mr Geoffrey Parsons
    Ms Julie Lewis 

Cr Rhonda Centofanti is the Elected Member appointed to the Panel until December 2018, on behalf of the host, Berri Barmera Council.

Council has delegated authority to the Regional Assessment Panel to both assess development applications and hear applicants, pursuant to Part 4 of the Development Act 1993. The Panel will adhere to the Code of Conduct for Assessment Panel Members, provided by schedule 3 of the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act, and adopts its own Meeting Procedures for the conduct of its members and for its meetings.

Meetings are held as required, generally at 1.30pm on the third Thursday of the month, at various Riverland Council offices.

The Agendas and Minutes of the Panel are available below. 


RRDAP Policy Documents

Agendas & Minutes


Category Agendas
Amended Report
Informal Meeting
Late attachment
Late Report
Meeting Cancellation
December 12 2019
.pdf Agenda RAP - December 2019 Agendas
.pdf RAP Cancellation Notice - December 2019 Meeting Cancellation
November 21 2019
.pdf Agenda - RAP - November 2019 Agendas
.pdf Minutes RAP - November 2019 Minutes
October 31 2019
.pdf Agenda RAP - October 2019 Agendas
.pdf Minutes RAP - October 2019 Minutes
September 19 2019
.pdf Agenda RAP - September 2019 Agendas
.pdf Minutes RAP - September 2019 Minutes
August 15 2019
.pdf Agenda - RAP August Agendas
.pdf Minutes - RAP August 2019 Minutes
June 20 2019
.pdf Agenda - RAP June Agendas
.pdf Minutes - RAP June 2019 Minutes
March 21 2019
.pdf Agenda - RAP March Agendas
.pdf Minutes - RAP March 2019 Minutes
February 21 2019
.pdf Agenda - RAP February Agendas
.pdf Minutes RAP - February 2019 Minutes
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