Volunteer & Coordinator Application

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Volunteer Application
1. Name*
2. Email Address*
3. Phone number*
4. Date of Birth
5. Emergency contact name*
6. Emergency contact phone number*
7. Are you applying to be a coordinator or a volunteer?*

8. If applying to be a volunteer please answer all questions below. If applying to be a coordinator then please disregard q’s 12, 13, 14 ,15, 16, 17, 18.

9. Are you available on Sunday 11 Feb 2018 from 7am till 10am to volunteer for the event?*
10. Are you available to receive briefing documents via email and confirm you have read all documents before Sunday 11 February 2018? The purpose of this session is to understand the duties of your role.*
11. What size boat do you have and what is the legal amount of people you can carry?*
12. Have you got a boat license? If yes, what is the license number?
13. Is your boat and trailer registered?
14. Do you have safety equipment which meets the necessary legal requirements for recreational boats to have?
15. For safety purposes for both volunteers and fingerlings, can you assure us that you will have at least one extra person in the boat to assist you?
16. What location would you prefer to coordinate/volunteer at?*
17. Please note that your preference is not guaranteed and you may be asked to coordinate/volunteer at another location. If this occurs will this reduce your commitment?*
18. Are you able to provide an esky (or similar) on the day?*
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