Land Divisions

Land Division applications are assessed by Council (in most instances), however the applications are to be lodged with the Department of Planning Transport & Infrastructure – Development Assessment Commission.

A land surveyor is required to compile the application for lodgement with the Development Assessment Commission, who will then forward the application to other government agencies for comment and to Council to make a decision.

During Council’s assessment process, a number of other important aspects relating to infrastructure are considered along side the Planning requirements, such as, waste control & effluent disposal, driveways, footpaths etc.

It is recommended that you (or your land surveyor) contact Council’s Planning Officer prior to lodging a land division application to ensure all of these aspects have been considered.

Land Division and New Dwellings in Horticultural Areas

Below you will find examples of appropriate subdivision proposals in the Horticulture area:

Example 1 - Excisions of Existing Dwelling (Merit Proposal)

Example 2 - Division of Horticultural Land (No Dwelling Excision)

Example 3 - New Dwelling on Horticultural Allotment


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