Do I need approval to erect a fence?

Development Approval is required for fencing that:

  • exceeds 2.1 metres in height;
  • exceeds 1 metre in height within 6 metres of the intersection of two boundaries of land where those boundaries both face a road, other than where a 4 metre x 4 metre corner cut-off has already been provided (and is to be preserved);
  • is a masonry fence that exceeds 1 metre in height;
  • is a safety fence for a swimming pool;
  • is a brush fence closer than 3 metres to an existing or proposed Class 1 or 2 building under the Building Code;
  • is a retaining wall that exceeds 1 metre in height.

Certain other restrictions may apply to the type and design of fencing that is permitted on land which is bound by a Land Management Agreement.

Swimming pools and spas

See Swimming Pools

Fish ponds

There is no requirement to fence a fish pond, however it is recommended that you place solid mesh or similar type of material either on the surface of the pond, or to a depth of 300mm from the water level of the pond.

Further Information

Information in relation to the laws and procedures regarding fencing is available to the community. Council has copies of the free booklet Fences and the Law produced by the Legal Services Commission of South Australia.

This booklet answers frequently asked questions about dividing fences and explains the legal procedure to be followed when someone wants to erect, replace or repair a boundary fence. In addition it also contains blank notice forms and referrals to mediation services and community legal services which may be able to assist you further.

Copies are available from Council or you may wish to download the Fences and the Law booklet.

Council's Development Application form can be found here.