Over recent years, Renmark Paringa Council has delivered a number of key projects and initiatives aimed at creating a sustainable future through innovation, engagement and sustainably growing the community and business.

During the first quarter of 2016, Council undertook to measure its performance against the Community Plan 2012-2016 which resulted in the ‘Measuring Our Performance’ report.

To view a full copy of the report, please click the link below:

Community Plan 2012-2016 - Measuring Our Performance

The purpose of this report was to provide an analysis of the outcomes achieved to date against the core and emerging priorities identified in the Community Plan.

Following an analysis of the results, Council is pleased to advise that all of the 24 identified Core Activities (or 100 per cent) in the 2012-2016 Community Plan have been achieved.

There were 84 Emerging Priorities identified with 73 (or 86.4 per cent) being achieved. Of the Emerging Priorities not fully achieved, three (3) were on track to be achieved during 2016 and six (6) were partially achieved.

Only two (2) of the 84 Emerging Priorities were not achieved (equating to 2.4%). It should be noted that one (1) was due to the Community Plan priorities being identified prior to the development of the Strategic Directions Report in 2013 with an assumption that the Local Heritage would be one of the early Development Plan Amendments (DPA) undertaken. The development of the program of identified DPA’s during this process meant that whilst two DPA’s have commenced, the Local Heritage DPA was not undertaken within the life of the current Community Plan.

There were 108 total identified priorities (Core Activities and Emerging Priorities) with 97 (or 89.8 per cent) of all identified priorities being achieved.


Some highlights from recent years include:

  • The Renmark Town Centre Revitalisation project which saw the following improvements to our Town Centre; Short term boat mooring facilities, Upgraded public conveniences, Energy efficient lighting, Extended Riverfront path for cycling and walking, Recycling Stations, Bike Racks, Dog Litter bags and Cool Water Fountains, Community Art and Tourism signage and Paved Outdoor Dining Precincts
  • Participated in two delegations, led by the South Australian Government, to the Shandong Province in China. The aim of the missions are to highlight the products and services that South Australia (and, of course, the Riverland) has to offer and to build connections with possible trading and investing partners in Shandong. Renmark Paringa Council will continue to work with our local industries to assist in showcasing the quality produce and services available in the Riverland
  • Development of a comprehensive Economic Development Strategy
  • Review and update of all of Council’s Asset and Infrastructure plans, which resulted in four plans (Community Waste Water Management Scheme, Buildings and Structures, Transport (Roads) and Stormwater) being consolidated into one master plan called the Infrastructure and Asset Management Plan (IAMP)
  • Average of almost $1 million per annum for the last four years spent on bitumen reseals (roads)
  • Solar power and solar hot water installed on a number of council buildings
  • The RiverLife - Get into it! Community Health and Wellbeing Project which resulted in a total of 141,575,745 steps being taken by participants in the 10,000 Steps Pedometer Challenge
  • Creation of an Off-leash dog park to provide residents and ratepayers with a safe location to exercise their dogs
  • A large number of recreational and leisure services and programs such as Cooking Classes, Computing Classes (Basic, Intermediate, IPads, Facebook), Meditation, Sewing, Craft and Morning Tea sessions, University of the Third Age sessions and School Holiday activities (craft, cooking, jewellery making and cake decorating) being provided by or supported by the Chaffey Community Centre
  • Development of a Communications Team to facilitate strategic and cohesive communications with the community
  • A major review of all Council policies has been undertaken in 2015/16 - including a health check of statutory policies
  • Annual review of Council’s Long Term Financial Plan to assess the services provided are adjusted to reflect any service delivery changes, growth or pressure points both internally and externally.


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