Public Consultation

Public Consultation

Community Consultation

Renmark Paringa Council is committed to communicating with, involving, considering the views of and building relationships with its community and stakeholders through engagement and consultation. In line with Councils commitment, Renmark Paringa Council will use the most appropriate tools and technology to engage, communicate and consult with the community and relevant stakeholders. Renmark Paringa Council utilises various elements adapted from the International Association for Public Participation model (IAP2) Public Participation Spectrum to address the key elements of both communication and consultation. For further information please refer to our Public Consultation Policy 

Public Consultation Policy

Public Consultation Policy Renmark Paringa Council is currently seeking feedback on its Public Consultation Policy. This Policy has been prepared in accordance with Section 50(4)(a) of the Local Government Act, 1999. Feedback on the Policy will be presented to Council to assist in determining public consultation processes in the future. Submissions close Friday 11 October 2019.

Please see link above for the Public Consultation Policy document

Submissions must be made in writing and submitted to:

Renmark Paringa Council
PO Box 730
Renmark, SA 5341


In Person:
61 Eighteenth Street, Renmark  SA  5341







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