Renmark Paringa Landcare

“To enable the community to take responsibility for the management of its own natural resources to achieve long term, sustainable economic, social, cultural and environmental benefits”

The Renmark Paringa Landcare (RP Landcare), formerly known as Renmark to the Border Local Action Planning is a Committee of the Renmark Paringa Council.

The RP Landcare promotes and supports volunteer groups toward the management of the natural environment in the Renmark region. The Riverland Ramsar Site is one of the significant sites within the Renmark Paringa Landcare boundary and there are many other important sites managed by the local community. RP Landcare attracts significant funding toward projects in the region and provides education programs to local schools and the community.

We recognise that in order to have a healthy natural environment, we must also have a healthy community and both the irrigation and horticultural industry must be supported toward a sustainable future.

At any time the RP Landcare Committee may have the opportunity for volunteers to be involved in the committee, programs and or projects.


Quarterly Monitoring

Working Bee


Riverland BioQuest

The Riverland bioQuest will run from 1 August 2019 to 1 August 2020 through the QuestaGame application in the Riverland region. The competition is open for anyone to participate in and is completely free. There will be opportunities to earn points for your sightings and identifications and win prizes for them and join a local Riverland team. When you are looking for animals, plants and fungi to photograph you'll get to experience nature on real outdoor adventures, learn secrets of the life around you with expert feedback on all your sightings. What's even better is that you'll get to help to protect the environment and contribute to biodiversity research through your sightings at the same time! 



River Murray lowering image


Upcoming River Murray lowering

Creating a healthy, working River Murray
Plans are underway to lower River Murray water levels in the weir pools upstream of Lock 6, Lock 5 and Lock 2 during winter 2018 to improve the health of riverbanks and wetlands.
Water level lowering trials are currently planned to commence in Lock 6 (Murtho) to a maximum of 20cm from early May to mid-June, Lock 5 (Renmark) to a maximum of 15cm from end of May to end of July and Lock 2 (Taylorville) to a maximum of 25cm from late July to end of August. Each lowering will be done gradually and actions will be carefully monitored.
Water level raising has been regularly undertaken in South Australia since 2014 with positive environmental outcomes. Lowering will allow drying of riverbank edges and wetlands that are normally wet at pool level. This will encourage vegetation growth and provide a feeding habitat for shorebirds as well as flush salty water from the floodplain. The new vegetation growth will provide habitat for yabbies, frogs and fish as well as vital nutrients to improve the river’s water quality for aquatic plants and animals. 
We recognise that under certain conditions it’s possible that this lowering event may affect access to water for some users. We urge the community to provide feedback to us so that we can fully understand any impacts of this lowering event. Please contact Department for Environment and Water, Engagement Officer Jodie Woof on (08) 8595 2141 or email
For more detailed information on timing of the proposed lowering please go to the River Murray lowering fact sheet. Further information can be found on the Natural Resources SA Murray-Darling Basin website

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Local Action Plan

Our 10 year plan for creating a healthy future for our community, land and water in the Renmark Paringa Region of South Australia.  Click here for your copy.

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