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Council Committee Meetings

Renmark to the Border Local Action Planning Committee

The Renmark to the Border Local Action Planning Committee holds meetings on the second Wednesday of every second month, starting at 7pm. The meeting schedule for 2016 is:

  • 10th February - Community & Civic Centre 
  • 13th April  - Community & Civic Centre
  • 8th June - Community & Civic Centre
  • 10th August - Community & Civic Centre
  • 12th October - Community & Civic Centre
  • 14th December - Community & Civic Centre

Minutes of all Committee Meetings are available to view in the Ordinary Council Agenda of the following month.


Chaffey Community Centre Committee

The Chaffey Community Centre Committee holds meetings on the Second Thursday of every month, starting at 3.30pm. at the Chaffey Community Centre, 86 Nineteenth Street, Renmark.  The meeting schedule for 2016 is:

  • February 12th - Chaffey Community Centre
  • March 12th - Chaffey Community Centre
  • April 9th - Chaffey Community Centre
  • May 14th - Chaffey Community Centre
  • June 11th - Chaffey Community Centre
  • July 9th - Chaffey Community Centre
  • August 13th - Chaffey Community Centre
  • September 10th - Chaffey Community Centre
  • October 8th - Chaffey Community Centre
  • November 11th - Chaffey Community Centre
  • December 10th - Chaffey Community Centre

Note: The Audit Committee meetings are held 4 times per year, dates determined by the Director Corporate & Community Services. Argo Barge Committee, Strategic Planning & Development Policy Committee, Lease Committee, Innovation Fund Committee, Tourism Events Committee and Policy Review Committee meetings are held on a needs basis and are determined by the individual Committees.


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