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The Renmark Paringa community is an integral part of South Australia which has endured difficult economic and environmental conditiions over the last decade.  Our Community Plan provides clear emerging priorities which will be undertaken to ensure our community is equipped to face adversity, recognise opportunity and strives to enhance their quality of life.

We recognise that to successfully implement this plan will require a close working relaitonship with all spheres of Government, regional organisations, business and the community.  This plan will be used by Council and the community to ensure community health and well-being, a robust economy, a sustainable environment all delivered via a great governance model.

As an organisation of committed staff and Elected Members, we look forward to working towards our corporate vision "committed to a sustainable future".

Neil Martinson

Tony Siviour
Chief Executive Officer

Community Plan 2012-2016(2249 kb)

24 March 2016  - Update

The current version of Council’s Community Plan is due to expire at the end of 2016, Renmark Paringa Council has commenced the process of reviewing and updating the plan and as an initial step have prepared a document which measures Council’s performance against the Core Activities and Emerging Priorities identified in the current version. Council will use the analysis within the document as part of the review.

Council is pleased to release the document “Community Plan 2012-2016 – Measuring Our Performance” to the public and to be able to say that all (100 per cent) Core Activities and a majority (86.9 per cent) of Emerging Priorities have been achieved.

Council gratefully acknowledges the hard work, dedication and collaboration between Elected Members, staff, volunteers and the community in achieving these outcomes.  

Community Plan - Measuring Our Performance.pdf(13960 kb)

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