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The Renmark Paringa Council was established on July 1, 1996 when the former District Council of Paringa and the Town of Renmark amalgamated. The Council area is centred around the River Murray in South Australia with its base located in Renmark. The towns of Paringa and Lyrup are also within the Council area which comprises of 921 square kilometres and the district has a population of 9,892 (June 2007 Census).

Renmark is situated on the Sturt Highway and is approximately 250 kilometres north east of Adelaide.

The Council area consists of a dry land farming strip along the eastern boundary adjoining the Victoria/South Australia border. Irrigation has lead to extensive horticultural activities throughout the remainder of the area. While wine grape production is significant there are major citrus and nut plantations in existence together with vegetable and stone fruit production. Major horticultural and viticultural packers and processors market local produce to both the international and domestic market and provide significant employment opportunities to the local community.

Tourism is also an important part of the local economy and this is centred mainly on water based activities on the River Murray, namely houseboats, water skiing and fishing. Local heritage is also important and the Paddle Steamer Industry is located in Renmark and operates regular cruises for the public.

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