Off Leash Dog Park

Renmark Paringa Council Off Leash Dog Park

The Park has been developed for socialisation and exercise of pets and owners in an enclosed area

Plase follow the dog park rules to ensure a safe and enjoyable off-leash experience for you, your dog and others at all times:

  • Respect all park users
  • Ensure your dog is registered
  • Make sure your dog is vaccinated to help keep them healthy
  • Maintain effective control and supervise your dog at all times
  • Remove your dog if it annoys, intimidates or becomes aggresive towards other dogs
  • Adults must supervise children at all times
  • Clean up after your dog and dispose of waste appropriately
  • Maximun of two dogs per person 
  • Make sure your dog is already socialised
  • Avoid bringing food and toys into the park

Please note the owner of the dog is responsible for their dogs actions at all times including whilst in the dog exercise yard.

Location: Corner of Paringa and Seventeenth Streets, Renmark

 Renmark Paringa Town Map - Dog Park

Dog Park

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