Fire Prevention

Fire prevention starts with you - our community. We would like to provide you with the knowledge to implement safety measures to protect your family, animals and property. 

A lot of the information on this page is sourced or linked to the South Australian Country Fire Service (CFS).  The CFS Website contains a lot of information and advice that is very informative and can assist you in your preparation for the fire danger season.  Please take the time to have a look at the information at 

Preparation of your home and property is an essential key throughout the year to ensure that you, your family and your property survive.  A well prepared home is more likely to survive a bushfire than one that hasn’t been prepared.  More information can be found on how you can prepare your property at Prepare your property .

Other related information can be found on the CFS website at the links below:

Be Bushfire Ready

Know What To Do On Fire Danger Days

Native Vegetation Management

Fire Danger Season Dates

The Renmark Paringa Council lies within the Riverland Fire Ban District and the fire danger season usually commences on 15 November through to 15 April each year. However, these dates may be changed by the CFS depending on the seasonal conditions.

Fire restrictions under the Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005 apply during the dates of the Fire Danger Season.

To find out if a Total Fire Ban has been declared for today, click on the link where a map of the affected fire ban districts will be displayed - CFS Fire Bans and Ratings 


Laws for Burning in the Open

Burn Better for Good

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